The Capresso Ultima Espresso Maker Review

For an easy to use, clean and maintain espresso machine the Capresso Ultima is a fantastic buy and a wonder for great espresso and many other hot drinks.

I received the Capresso Ultima, and a few days later my wife got sick, tea coming up in less than a minute. Hot water on demand for any occasion and you have only to make sure the tank is full to maintain a steady supply of hot water through the frother spout.

This may sound like a silly thing to have for the start of the product review but it happened and is one of the first points of the Capresso Ultima that I found was great, it can pour out hot water in about thirty seconds. The unit, when filled with water and turned on, will start hot water out the frothing nozzle in thirty seconds or so. This is great for coffee drinkers who also have kids who enjoy hot chocolate or others in the house with a taste for tea.

The Capresso Ultima also makes coffee, espresso and coffee related drinks and excels at that as well. The Capresso Ultima is a semi automatic machine for making espresso, cappuccino and lattes as well as just plain old hot water. The Ultima works using an 18 bar pump and creates espresso and such using hot water under pressure.

The semi automatic part comes in with the turning of the carousel on top to get rid of old grounds and get the machine ready for the next batch. You can also froth and steam milk using the frothing spout as well as get hot water for your other hot drinks, or even oatmeal. Yes, you can use the hot water for anything you want like quick oats or other hot cereal in the morning.

I have found some great uses for the Ultima as well as making great espresso and cappuccino drinks and the Capresso Ultima makes these very easy. To make espresso all you have to do is turn the top carousel so the hopper is pointing to the front. Add one or two scoops of coffee grounds and turning the carousel so the handle is front and pull and push the handle.

This pulling and pushing is on the small handle bar of the top handle that locks and unlocks the tamping device down on top of the grounds and also is the top of the brewing chamber where the pressure is built up. If you look at the bottom of the carousel in my pictures you can see the round silver top of the brewing chamber with its rubber seal.

The small chamber builds up pressure and has several stops for the lever that pushes down or tamps the coffee grounds for a variety of pressure so you have several different tamping settings. The handle and carousel is easy to use and operates cleanly when turning even after several uses during the day. That is the great thing with the Capresso Ultima; you can use it again and again without having to clean it out after every use.

The Capresso Ultima can make cup after cup all day long by simply turning the carousel and making it ready after each use. The Ultima makes a great cup of espresso and cappuccino as well as the hot water stuff. The carousel comes off for convenient cleaning and the rest of the machine that does not come off wipes easily. The grounds when you turn the carousel fall down into a hopper and the tray and hopper pull out of the machine from the front for cleaning.

The hopper holds about a dozen measures of grounds and is very easy to clean along with the other removable parts of the Ultima. Cleaning the Ultima once a day or so and getting all the grounds out is recommended when you are making coffee or espresso’s all day. This machine is perfect for anyone who wants the convenience of making espressos or other drinks and not wanting to clean the thing out after every one.

The spout where the espresso comes out is split and adjusts in height for more versatility like being able to brew two cups of espresso at once like many other espresso makers. You can use the adjustable height of the spout to fit a variety of cup sizes underneath the spout for your coffees. You should also clean out the internal parts of the Ultima like the spout and frother every once in a while to clean and decalcify it using vinegar and water.

You can make one or two shots of espresso and use regular ground coffee or espresso ground beans for a great variety of coffee’s and espressos. I found that using the regular ground coffee that you buy pre ground is not as flavorful or enjoyable as using whole beans and grinding your own just before brewing. Making a somewhat regular coffee using the Ultima is not as enjoyable as using your own ground beans and making espresso but it can be done as easily as making espresso.

The hopper that you put the beans into and the brewing chamber make for an easy brewing of espresso and cappuccino’s. The brewing process using the carousel works well but may not get you the very best and finest espresso but you do get a good amount of crèma on top of your espresso and it does a great job. The espresso tastes great and you can alter not only the amount of grounds for a better flavor but the amount of tamping somewhat while making your espresso.

One of the things I found to be a bit of an annoyance with the espresso makers that use the filter holders and sieves is having to clean the machine out immediately when using it. I find using the Capresso Ultima all day long is great for not having to continually clean out parts right after using it. Simply turn the carousel to get the machine ready for the next use after making your espresso or cappuccino.

The Capresso Ultima also froths and steams quickly using the patented DualFrother nozzle and the hot water that heats so quickly. Using the Ultima for hot water is more of a side line for the machine but it is nice to have the convenience of hot water so quickly since the thing is sitting around on your counter ready for use so quickly.

The great ease of use and how quickly you can be making and enjoying your espresso or cappuccino is only the one part of the Ultima. The easy cleanup and how quickly you can go from one cup to the next is the best features of the espresso machine. Cleanup for the entire machine is easy even though you have to wipe off the carousel area and do some wiping in the used coffee grounds area.

The Capresso Ultima is a great espresso and cappuccino maker with plenty of great features. I highly recommend the Capresso Ultima for espresso and cappuccino drinkers who want an easy to use machine that they don’t need to clean immediately after every use. For a great tasting and easy cappuccino or espresso easily all day long the Ultima is the ultimate espresso machine at a great price.