How to Choose a Futon: The Basics

best futon mattress

Buying the best futon mattress takes more than knowing if you want a futon mattress or not. While they are fun, flexible, and feature foldable frames for those that have smaller spaces to work with, you’ll want to know some of these tips before buying. It’s necessary to know that you’ll probably want to utilize this as a piece in your studio or your dorm room. If you have to make two spaces into one, futons are the way to go. Tips on how to choose the best futon mattress include the forth coming:

Make sure you know your measurements – Without knowing the measurements of your room, you may be buying a futon mattress that is entirely too large for the room. Beyond this, if you have a smaller apartment or you’re in a studio or dorm, you’ll want to get a futon mattress and frame that’ll perfectly fit as a couch and bed combination. If you have more than enough room, we don’t suggest you utilize the futon as a couch unless you’re looking to save a bit of money. It’s worth mentioning that you’ll also want to use the measurements of the room to determine if your futon can bend without hitting walls or other pieces of furniture.

Don’t forget about the materials – When choosing the best futon mattress for your needs, you’ll want to look at materials of the frame. When you shoot for metal frames that are basic, they’re generally inexpensive and great for form rooms or those that live in a basement or studio. If you combine a metal frame with a living room set or furniture set that’s wood, this will look a little odd, so we suggest looking for something that matches in at least the color of wood. Because of the versatility of the best futon mattresses and frames, there are a number of styles of colors, prices, and frame styles.

Speaking of frame options – As we mentioned, there are quite a few frame styles. Two of the more popular styles of frames include the lounger frame and the bi-fold frame. The lounger is one that folds twice and uses the longer measurement of the mattress (the width) as the couch portion, and the bi-fold which uses length, and ultimately gives you more room for seating. If you have a super small area, you may want to look towards the lounger frame, whereas those that need more seating should look towards the bi-fold frame that only folds once.

Materials for the futon mattress itself – You don’t have to settle for only one type of futon material, as there are quite a few and each will work better for different uses and desires. Let’s take a quick look materials and uses:

  • Cotton and foam – Those that want a mattress that weighs less and doesn’t sag should use a combination of cotton and foam within the mattress.
  • Cotton and polyester blend – Looking for something that’s even lighter than the aforementioned and is more soft and flexible? Maybe you’re looking for something that holds shape well. If so, the cotton and poly blend is perfect for you.
  • Cotton and wool combination – Want something that’s super soft, but not super flexible? If you’re willing to compromise, the cotton and wool combination is great for you!
  • Innerspring mattress – Yes, this exists for futon mattress, and is a mattress that gives more of a traditional feel rather than futon feel.

The Final Verdict

There are a number of frames and mattress styles that cater to the needs of everyone. Whether you want something for your guest room or one that doubles as two pieces of furniture in your studio living space, a futon should work out just fine for you!

3 Ways Buying the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Will Make a Difference in Your Game

best basketball shoes for outdoor

Basketball is rough and tough on not only the feet, but the shoes themselves. When you don’t purchase the proper pair of outdoor basketball shoes, or great basketball shoes in general, you run the risk of injuring yourself as well as ruining your playstyle. Having the right gear makes all of the difference, even if you’re being stubborn and don’t want to accept that fact. In this article, we’ll show you three ways that buying the best outdoor basketball shoes will make a difference in your overall game and playstyle.

Materials That Are Meant for Outdoors

Sure, indoor shoes can go outdoors, but the actual structure and composition of materials typically used in outdoor basketball shoes will allow you to play far better than indoor shoes. With outdoor basketball shoes, they typically have deeper grooves to allow for better impact protection for not only the feet, but the soles of the shoes. Beyond this, the outsole of the shoe is made more durable to ensure the impact of the travel won’t rip apart your pretty new pair of outdoor basketball shoes. Those that wear indoor shoes outdoors will inevitably see a drop in performance, as well as their money thrown out the window due to indoor shoes not holding up well outdoors.

If we’re talking about materials, we should also talk about breathable fabrics on indoor basketball shoes versus outdoors. While indoor shoes may have mesh and breathable fabrics, they cannot withstand the movement and performance of someone playing outside. The aforementioned is due to the structure not being for outdoor movements, meaning that there isn’t enough ventilation within the shoe to proper circulate air; however, those that are meant for outdoors have more than enough ventilation to reduce and eliminate foot odors and sweat, both of which can deter your performance and throw away your confidence. When you’re not slipping around in your shoe and your feet can breathe, your performance will amplify immensely.

Bettering Movements on the Court

One of the most important aspects of indoor or outdoor basketball is being able to move when needed and at the drop of a hat. When you’re unable to move, accelerate, and deaccelerate, your performance suffers immensely. Whether you’re cutting or changing directions, you’ll need a shoe that supports this while supporting your feet, ankles, and the impact of gravel – an indoor shoe may be able to give you some of these things, but not all of these things at once. Some people need better support on their ankles, and depending on their position, an indoor shoe just won’t do. When you’re wearing a pair of indoor shoes that don’t support well or give you enough flexibility for movement, you may run the risk of rolling your ankle, or not being able to switch directions and cut fast enough. With that being said, your skill cap will decrease and you won’t see an improvement in your game.

Varying Levels of Traction Versus the Court

We all know that indoor and outdoor courts are very different based on their terrain. With outdoor courts, the pavement or gravel is used as a court, whereas the indoor courts are generally more polished, smoother, and artificial. While they’re both hard, ultimately, the shoe traction versus the court material will decide your shoe fate. You do not want to purchase a pair of indoor shoes and expect them to outperform those that are meant for gravel. You should also know that you can’t force a pair to be good on other terrain, as that’s not what they are meant for – so if you’re someone who is stubborn and doesn’t want to believe that you need terrain specific shoes, then you may find out the hard way and suffer from a decreased performance.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the type of shoe you purchase will ultimately amplify or decrease your game. When you’re not sporting the proper footwear, you can expect to feel a slight learning curve – even if you’re one of the best in the game. Beyond this, you run the risk of harming your ankles and your legs when you don’t have the proper footwear equipped. Purchasing the best basketball shoes for outdoor courts will inevitably amplify your playstyle and game.

A List of The Best Strategy Board Games

Strategy board games are the best way to keep the mind flowing and keep you on your toes when you’re not interested in playing any sort of video game. If you’re not down with the idea of playing a typical board game like Candy Land or Life, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at some of the more popular strategy board games the market has to offer.

Top 7 Best Strategy Board Games

Hasbro 28720 Risk Game

risk board game
risk board game

First on our list is one of the more popular strategy games that you may or may not have played. Manufactured by Hasbro, this game is a game of strategy where you can attack as much as you want, or as little as you want. Arming yourself with troops to attack your enemy’s troops, you’re going to want to utilize strategy to defend your territories against any sort of attack. If you’ve ever played Battleship, this 2-5 player game may be right up your alley. One of my favorite parts of this game is that you earn troops and no one starts off with a set amount. The better you are, the more you’ll have to attack with. The only aspect I don’t like is playing with any more than four people – it gets a bit too hectic for my taste.

Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition

Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition
Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition

This next game may not be one you’ve heard of, and it’s a 2-player game that takes place in the Cold War. With combat between the Soviet Union and the United States, this game aims to recreate the struggle between the most powerful areas known. I like the fact that this game is only two players, and deals with a setting that hasn’t been done much before, but I dislike how long it takes to play. With board games, I cap out at around 2 hours. If you’re a history buff that isn’t too anal about accuracies, then you should definitely check out Twilight Struggle, as it’s one of my favorite strategy games.

Monopoly Board Game: The Classic Edition

Monopoly Board Game
Monopoly Board Game

This wouldn’t be a list about strategy board games without including Monopoly. With a table that reminisces over the original board, you’re going to want to sit down and enjoy a game or two with a group of friends. One can argue that it’s one of the longer games you could ever play (maybe longer than Twilight Struggle), and others may see this as a downside. One of our favorite features of this game is that it’s the classic version, not any fancy entertainment edition (i.e. Star Wars, Pokemon, etc.) Sometimes, classic is the best.

The War of the Ring Board Game

The War of the Ring Board Game
The War of the Ring Board Game

You might not have heard of this game, and if you’re someone who likes medieval or Skyrim era games, you’ll love The War of the Ring. I personally love adventures revolving around the “middle earth” trope, and if you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings, you’ll definitely want to nab this game. The fact that it is a Lord of the Rings styled game is one of my favorite bits about it, and one of my least favorite things about it is that there are SO many pieces (over 200 plastic figures alone) – it’s tough keeping track of everything! Even if you don’t like Lord of the Rings, but still like the art style and general time that it takes place, you’ll definitely want to pick this up.

7 Wonders

7 Wonders
7 Wonders

Last on this list is “7 Wonders” a short strategy game that can suit up to 7 people for battle. As one of the players, you take your stance as a leader of one of the 7 great Ancient Cities. You develop commercial routes and put together a fantastic military in order to take out others and reign supreme. The whole idea around this game is one of my favorites, being able to take out another ancient city through short strategy, while the shortness may also be a downfall. Typically, strategy games are long and can become boring and tiresome – unfortunately some on this list are guilty of that, but if you’re looking for something quick that doesn’t require an incredible amount of learning, then you should definitely check out 7 Wonders and dominate the playing field with your quick-witted strategies.

Best Hybrid Bikes For Men – What To Look For

If you ask any man with an adventurous bent of mind he would certainly like to go in for a hybrid bicycle. This is because it is considered to be an all terrain bike which could be used for different purposes. It can easily be used as a road commuting bike and could be a good way to travel from home to workplace and back. It also could be useful for running errands and also for exercising and other physical activities. But buying the best hybrid bikes for men could be a difficult and challenging task. There are so many options available in the market which makes the job even more difficult and challenging. So here are some useful points which could prove useful for all those men who are looking to buy the right hybrid bike to cater to their specific needs and requirements.

Be Sure About The Purpose Of Use

To begin with, it is important for you to find out the main purpose for which you will be using a hybrid bicycle. If it is for the purpose of regular exercising and commuting within the city, then it may not make sense to spend big money on hybrid bikes because any ordinary road bike would be enough for the purpose. However, if you are keen on getting into an adventure mode and would like to discover some hilly terrain and areas beyond it, then you have no other option but to go in for hybrid bikes. Therefore, the first task is to identify the purpose of use based on which budgets could also be decided.

Pay Attention To Size

Once the purpose has been clearly defined and identified, the next important task is to be sure that you end up choosing the right size as far as these hybrid bikes are concerned. The size must be perfect and must not be too big or too small. Large sized bikes make riding unsafe and you could always have a fear lurking behind your mind. Bikes which are small sized could make riding a harrowing experience and could lead to fatigue and tiredness sooner than later. Therefore, you must be sure that you are able to touch the ground comfortably with your feet as you stand on the middle of the frame.

Quality Of Frame Is Vital

 The frame is one of the most important parts of any bicycle and therefore as a man you must be sure that you spend quality time choosing it properly. The frames should be attached to the seat and also the front fork giving the much-needed stubbornness to it. The frame material is also an important consideration and it must be made from high-quality aluminum, carbon steel or other such alloy based metals. This will ensure that they are free from rust, corrosion and other problems usually associated with it when exposed to the various elements of nature.

Other Points To Be Kept In Mind

Apart from the above points, there are a few more things which must be taken into account when buying a hybrid bicycle. These include the fork, the seat quality and design, the brakes, the spokes, the quality of tires, rims and wheels. Any good hybrid bicycle must have tires of 700 cc width which will help them to grip slippery and uneven roads quite well and make cycling easy and safe. The quality of brakes should not be compromised under any circumstances and so is the case with gears especially when negotiating hilly terrains. The bicycle must also have quality head lights using LED technology, both for city rides and rides in mountain terrains.