3 Ways Buying the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Will Make a Difference in Your Game

best basketball shoes for outdoor

Basketball is rough and tough on not only the feet, but the shoes themselves. When you don’t purchase the proper pair of outdoor basketball shoes, or great basketball shoes in general, you run the risk of injuring yourself as well as ruining your playstyle. Having the right gear makes all of the difference, even if you’re being stubborn and don’t want to accept that fact. In this article, we’ll show you three ways that buying the best outdoor basketball shoes will make a difference in your overall game and playstyle.

Materials That Are Meant for Outdoors

Sure, indoor shoes can go outdoors, but the actual structure and composition of materials typically used in outdoor basketball shoes will allow you to play far better than indoor shoes. With outdoor basketball shoes, they typically have deeper grooves to allow for better impact protection for not only the feet, but the soles of the shoes. Beyond this, the outsole of the shoe is made more durable to ensure the impact of the travel won’t rip apart your pretty new pair of outdoor basketball shoes. Those that wear indoor shoes outdoors will inevitably see a drop in performance, as well as their money thrown out the window due to indoor shoes not holding up well outdoors.

If we’re talking about materials, we should also talk about breathable fabrics on indoor basketball shoes versus outdoors. While indoor shoes may have mesh and breathable fabrics, they cannot withstand the movement and performance of someone playing outside. The aforementioned is due to the structure not being for outdoor movements, meaning that there isn’t enough ventilation within the shoe to proper circulate air; however, those that are meant for outdoors have more than enough ventilation to reduce and eliminate foot odors and sweat, both of which can deter your performance and throw away your confidence. When you’re not slipping around in your shoe and your feet can breathe, your performance will amplify immensely.

Bettering Movements on the Court

One of the most important aspects of indoor or outdoor basketball is being able to move when needed and at the drop of a hat. When you’re unable to move, accelerate, and deaccelerate, your performance suffers immensely. Whether you’re cutting or changing directions, you’ll need a shoe that supports this while supporting your feet, ankles, and the impact of gravel – an indoor shoe may be able to give you some of these things, but not all of these things at once. Some people need better support on their ankles, and depending on their position, an indoor shoe just won’t do. When you’re wearing a pair of indoor shoes that don’t support well or give you enough flexibility for movement, you may run the risk of rolling your ankle, or not being able to switch directions and cut fast enough. With that being said, your skill cap will decrease and you won’t see an improvement in your game.

Varying Levels of Traction Versus the Court

We all know that indoor and outdoor courts are very different based on their terrain. With outdoor courts, the pavement or gravel is used as a court, whereas the indoor courts are generally more polished, smoother, and artificial. While they’re both hard, ultimately, the shoe traction versus the court material will decide your shoe fate. You do not want to purchase a pair of indoor shoes and expect them to outperform those that are meant for gravel. You should also know that you can’t force a pair to be good on other terrain, as that’s not what they are meant for – so if you’re someone who is stubborn and doesn’t want to believe that you need terrain specific shoes, then you may find out the hard way and suffer from a decreased performance.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the type of shoe you purchase will ultimately amplify or decrease your game. When you’re not sporting the proper footwear, you can expect to feel a slight learning curve – even if you’re one of the best in the game. Beyond this, you run the risk of harming your ankles and your legs when you don’t have the proper footwear equipped. Purchasing the best basketball shoes for outdoor courts will inevitably amplify your playstyle and game.